Wednesday, 5 August 2015

6 Must Have Synthetic Wig Care Products

Synthetic hair wigs are made from plastic fibers. Treating them using heat tools might melt fibers; but synthetic wigs that are made using heat-resistant fibers are kindly forgiving. Synthetic wigs have a preset hairstyle, shape & bounce but if you like to be experimental with your synthetic wigs you would want to grab the following wig styling supplies.

1. A Wig Comb/Brush
A wig comb is the most significant wig styling tool. To brush out the tangles, nothing can be as practical as a wig comb is. Wig comb resists friction that prevents splitting of the plastic fibers.

2. Synthetic Wig Gel Spray
A good synthetic wig gel spray is aerosol free. It prevents excessive product build-up. Wig gel spray is beneficial when you want to add a bit of volume to your synthetic wig. Gel spray also let your wig hold a style longer than usual.

3. Synthetic Wig Glue/Adhesive
If you want to create spikes out of your straight synthetic wig, use synthetic wig adhesive. The wig glue holds fibers effectively and gets washed off easily with few splashes of water.

4. Oil Sheen Spray
Synthetic wigs that have been treated and styled vigorously lose shine. They also tangle, get brittle & rough, fade color & turn lack-lustrous. To help resurrect your dead synthetic wig, use a simple oil sheen spray. Oil sheen spray provides an enviable luster to synthetic filaments without weighing your wig down.

5. Synthetic Wig Shampoo
To remove the styling products out of your wig, it is recommended to wash your synthetic wigs once every 20 wears. Synthetic wigs also develop odors that do not go even after being washed. To remove the rancid smell, follow any of these DIY methods.

6. Wig Conditioner
Synthetic wig conditioner helps taming down the frizz. It also keeps your wig soft, shiny and pleasing to touch. Follow this DIY synthetic wig conditioner to repair the synthetic fibers that have gone rough due to styling and excessive brushing.  

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