Friday, 7 August 2015

Enhance your Eyes with Geolica Euro Pearl Grey Lenses

"The GEOLICA LADY Pearl Gray circle lenses have a 14.2mm diameter, making them very natural looking and comfortable to wear. The opacity of these gray lenses are fantastic—they have a warm coloration that is vibrant enough to be noticeable and aren’t icy or uncanny looking. 

These lenses are recommended for use up to three months before they need to be replaced, unlike other circle lenses, which have a one year life span. This ensures that the lenses remain fresh, but it’s a little bit of a bummer having to discard them so soon as I absolutely love these Pearl Gray lenses! They’re incredibly beautiful and aren’t overly dramatic—they’re great for every day wear and look fantastic in photos!" - expresses Lien Jae in her product review

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