Friday, 21 August 2015

How long does a Synthetic Wig Last?

Synthetic wigs are a good option if you need to wear your wigs sparingly. However life-span of heat-resistant synthetic wigs is far more enduring than regular synthetic wigs. If taken good care heat resistant synthetic wigs may last you a couple of years. Contrary to this, wigs that are not heat-resistant will begin to develop frizz as they cross a year.

Short Wigs are More Durable

Synthetic wigs are inexpensive and with proper care they look as good as human hair wig. The long-lasting wigs are short wigs having less hair at the nape. Synthetic wigs are prepared with lots of hair because the manufacturer wants to provide a room for customized fine tuning or shredding. If you plan to wear a wig daily that compliments your style, we recommend you taking it to the hair-dresser. Get it styled as per your features to get the best of your purchased wig.

Use Styling Products with Caution

Synthetic wigs that are way too frequently treated using curling irons may fade color or become matted fairly quickly. Also, longer synthetic wigs that get the wisps or tresses trapped under a shoulder bag strap or likewise, wear off quickly. Long synthetic wigs are better for especial occasions such as prom parties. For rough and tough wear, stick to your short heat-resistant synthetic wigs that do not even require frequent combing.

To increase the longevity of your heat resistant synthetic wigs follow these 9 wig care rules

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