Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How to Care for Combination Skin Types: Korean Skin Care Products

Looking after combination skin type can be vexing, because you have to deal with two entirely different types of skin. When your face is oily at the T-zone & the remainder is dry or flaky; your skin is considered oily. Combination skin is tough to deal with because it is prone to acne as well as prone to dryness. It is almost impossible to use different skin care products for different areas of your face, so adopt Korean skin care routine that takes just the right care of combination skin types. Korean skin care regimen has a wide range of products that control sebum whilst hydrating/moisturizing your skin.

Start with a Gentle Face Wash & Emollient Moisturizer

Since combination skin is greasy at places and dry at others; you need a light weight, water-soluble, gel-based or foaming facial cleanser. Skin79 O2 Bubble Foaming cleanser has water-active granules that form thick lather and help getting your face free of the sheen without making the dry areas drier. Always remember, when dealing with combination skin; balance is the key. Don’t over cleanse the oily areas and don’t over moisturize they dry parts.

Be Gentle

Scrubbing can help getting rid of excessive sebum but it may make the dry areas drier and flaky. If you can’t get yourself into using two different scrubs, go for spot treatment. Using Beaute69 Anti Acne mask helps eradicate acne and blemishes without turning your dry skin areas coarse & brittle.

Adopt Weekly Cleansing Regimen using Face Masks

Waterfull mask

Spot treatment may only help healing acne or drier areas. To get complete treatment such as reducing the size of enlarged pores and quenching the needs of thirsty skin cover up your face. Using face masks once in a week help clear out the clogged pores whilst hydrating the flaky skin. Skin79 Rose Waterfull mask & Skin79 Apple Mint Fresh mask provides instant boost of moisture & reduce the size of lose pores respectively.

When looking after combination skin, avoid going vigorous during massage. Being aggressive will irritate your skin, cause inflammation & break outs. Korean skin care products help eliminate your major skin concern and pave way further in achieving an impeccable skin texture. 

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