Thursday, 6 August 2015

Makeup Tutorial: Melty Du Granite Cosplay using Melty Cosplay Lenses & Wig

Melty Du Granite is an anime witch from the game “Shining Hearts”. She has violet eyes that are accentuated by an over-sized pink hat, adorned with hot-pink ribbon worn over head. Melty waves long white icy hair with wavy tresses .To replicate Melty’s look, you need Melty cosplay circle lenses & cosplay wig.

The anime witch does not like being social, so she confines herself in a mansion far from the society. Melty also hates sun, so this might be the other reason she resists going outside. The anime witch from “Shining Hearts” happens to work at a bakery. Her hobby is to travel and research for the tastiest ice cream in the town. Melty Du Granite loves ice cream magic and thus she is often found with an ice cream in hands.

I.Fairy Trinity violet

I.Fairy Trinity Violet circle lenses bear a reasonably thick outer ring that makes them perfect for cosplay. They are super comfortable, vibrant & appealing. The design is unique with soft transition from darker to lighter color towards the pupil that make these lenses blend in subtly with your natural eye color. I.Fairy Trinity violet lenses add a dolly enlargement to your eyes and stay moist due to high water content. On the other hand, this silver white cosplay wig makes a perfect match of Melty’s hair. Thick locks, waist-length & wavy tresses complete the cosplay look. Wig incorporates 100% heat-resistant fibers thus it is safe to be styled using heating tools. The wig is soft & adorably thick.

Watch out the Melty De Granite makeup tutorial below if you are aiming to impersonate into this lovely witch for your next convention.

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