Thursday, 6 August 2015

3 DIY Methods to Combat Acne with Beaute69 Anti-Acne Mask

Oily skin harbors germs the most. The excessive sebum clog pores causing white/black heads, zits & acne. Oily skin yells for deep cleansing that does not only remove the surface dirt but also fetches out impurities from even the pores. The cell debris, if not exfoliated regularly will cause a havoc that leaves your skin brittle & lack-lustrous. Beaute69 Anti-Acne mask with the efficacy of tea tree oil helps when other products fail to impress. The mask nips the evil of all problems- it controls sebum production whereas witch-hazel, a natural astringent dries up the acne for a clear & smooth texture.

To help improve the efficacy of the mask, add it with other organic ingredients usually found in your kitchen. Beaute69 Anti-Acne mask can be used in different ways. Prepare your own spot treatment, or exfoliating scrub using Beaute69 anti acne mask from home ingredients.

DIY Spot-Treatment using Beaute69 Anti Acne Mask & Aloe Vera Gel

If you are in a rush and wish to get rid of acne real soon, mix the mask with aloe vera gel. Apply it directly over pimples using a cotton bud. If you have got a combination skin; you are also likely to fall for spot treatment. Aloe vera gel has got healing properties. It help soothes inflammation & lightens the skin tone.

DIY Refreshing Face Mask for Oily Skin using Beaute69 Anti Acne Mask

Oily skin suffers horribly when the weather turns humid. Hot and humid climate activates sebaceous glands that keep an oily sheen over the face. To help eradicate the greasiness, prepare a refreshing face mask out of your Beaute69 anti acne mask. Mix few drops of jojoba oil in the mask. Add a finely chopped tomato & stir in to form a thick puree. Apply it on face and rinse it off for 20 minutes. This mask gives your dead skin a new life. The tea tree anti acne mask along with tomato helps reducing the acne and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.

DIY Exfoliating Scrub using Beaute69 Anti Acne Mask

Prepare a strong acne fighting scrub using your favorite Beaute69 Anti Acne mask. Mix it with sugar, sesame/olive oil & honey to form a scrub. Apply it on face and massage in circular motions. Rinse it off after 5 min of massage to get a clear & radiant complexion.

Tea tree products are easily available in the market. Beaute69 Anti Acne mask is better than other products since it contains all organic ingredients that help rejuvenate the dead skin. Mixing it with home ingredients additionally helps you to spot treat your concerns. 

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