Friday, 21 August 2015

9 Simple Synthetic Wig Care Rules

Synthetic wigs are not only lenient on your pocket but are also easy at maintenance. Synthetic wigs are more forgiving than the human hair wigs. This however does not mean that synthetic wigs will stay loyal to you whether or not you care for them. There are 6 simple rules that keep your synthetic wigs new forever:
  1. Only use products that are compatible with synthetic wigs. Such as shampoo, conditioner, styling products including the combs and brushes.
  2. Wash wigs only with cold water. Even heat-resistant synthetic wigs are not good at bearing with warm water.
  3. Don’t wash your synthetic wigs too frequently or too infrequently. Keeping a good balance is essential to keep the style intact. (Click to find how often should you wash your synthetic wigs)
  4. Don’t wring your wigs ever when wash. Always lay them down and press them over a towel.
  5. Don’t hang your wigs when wet.
  6. Don’t style or comb your synthetic wigs when they are wet.
  7. Don’t store your wigs at a table or shelf that receives direct sunlight from an open window.
  8. Don’t try to trim the wigs yourself. The complimentary styles such as bangs/ fringes play a huge rule. Once you over-do them or do them wrongly, you spoil your entire wig. Always get a professional hair-dresser’s help.
  9. Be careful when dealing with microwave ovens, BBQ grills and anything that deals with heat and smoke. Keep an appropriate distance with direct flames.

Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers. Heat resistant synthetic wigs are better at holding heat, generated from hot curling rod or straightening iron. These wigs van also be dyed at home but only a color darker. Synthetic wigs are often your preferred style because of the handiness they carry. Make your 25$+ wig last you a yearlong by sticking to these 9 wig care rules. 

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