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Are “Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses” Damaging to the Eyes?

Are “Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses” Damaging to the Eyes?
UV Glow Contact Lenses SPAWN

‘Glow in the dark contact lenses’ or ‘UV glow contact lenses’ provide endless possibilities. Earlier they were only available for movie stars, but now they are open to public. UV glow contact lenses are popular among teenagers, ravers, clubbers and party-goers. A layman on the other hand, still finds himself in the dilemma that whether or not these UV glow contact lenses will be a safer option to go for, at Halloween.

Are UV Glow Contact Lenses Safe?
Are “Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses” Damaging to the Eyes?

UV Glow contact lenses turn you into a show-stopper. These contact lenses as mentioned by the name make your eyes glow under UV lights or in a black light source. Since these crazy contact lenses are coated with especial luminescent material, they glow under UV lights to provide you an edgier statement over others.

UV glow contact lenses are available in an array of colors. They either radiate like neon signs or glow in the dark for a wild stare.
  • These contact lenses are medical devices alike all other contact lenses, thus they need careful handling & diligent cleanliness.
  • Make sure to wear FDA approved UV glow contact lenses as over-the-counter contact lenses run the risk of damaging your eyes, threatening your vision leading to even blindness even though it’s a rare occurrence.
  • NEVER share your contact lenses, yet alone novelty lenses for prevention from ocular injuries.
  • DON’T wear glow in the dark contact lenses past their expiry. The luminescent coating can cause superficial damage to the ocular tissues when expire.
UV Glow contact lenses are not corrective contact lenses; they are pure fun and can be used to achieve the special effects for an intimidating Halloween appearance. Glow in the dark contact lenses let you transform yourself into a wild creature, a supernatural ghost or a pro science fiction character. They are available in various sizes from 14mm to full eye 22mm sclera lenses. For an epic performance or for sending goose bumps to one’s body; we recommend you to take your costume a level ahead with UV Glow sclera lenses.

UV Glow contact lenses are for fun-seekers. People with a huge heart for adventure might want to try these special effects novelty contact lenses. Go wacky & wild this Halloween with FDA approved UV Glow contact lenses for a mind-blowing yet ghoulish impersonation.

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