Monday, 24 August 2015

Can I Swim Wearing Synthetic Wig without damaging it?

Generally speaking, swimming with your synthetic wig on is not a good idea. There are different types of synthetic wigs available that withstand to the environments differently (depending on the fiber used) Swimming in the sea or pool water affect the texture and color of the synthetic wigs adversely. To find out if your synthetic wig is compatible with chlorine or salt water, read below:
  1. Synthetic wigs that are safe to swim with, are constructed differently and they are usually made of human hair. Synthetic wigs when are exposed to salt or chlorine water; develop frizz & lose shine. Chlorine may react to discolor your wig and even the texture changes from soft to brittle.
  2. It is also advised that synthetic wigs must not be left unattended when wet. Any abnormal pressure, wringing & trapping of fibers whilst you swim wearing synthetic wig can make the wig lining lose. Due to this, your wig begins to thin.
  3. If the temperature is unbelievably hot outside, synthetic wig is at greater risk of being damaged. Blazing UV rays will do their damage whereas chlorine water of the pool further destroys the fiber.
  4. For underwater cosplay photography, you can have a brief safe dip. However, swimming is not suggested since the water waves may exert pressure.

After being done with your marine photoshoot, let your synthetic wig air-dried naturally. The wig should either be hanged on a Styrofoam head or any other hanger that allows enough of the air to pass through the fibers. Air-drying synthetic wigs will help reverting to the factory-built style and bounce.

Some inexpensive synthetic wigs can be purchased if taking a swim in the pool is inevitable. Or, you can wear a wig scarf for protection against the damage caused by chlorine, salt or UV rays. 

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