Friday, 7 August 2015

Princess Mimi Chocolate & Geo Bella Blue Lenses for Light Eyes

"This is another really nice, really pretty brown lens that looks great on blue/light eyes.  Any iris color that shows through the center is tinted a lighter brown, which is a great contrast.  I like the pattern a lot, and it’s normal enough to wear with Lolita or even everyday clothes.All in all, a nice, solid brown lens that’d be great for all sorts of things - cosplay, normal wear, etc.  Princess Mimi makes quite a few different shades of brown, but I’m a big fan of this deep, chocolatey tone." 

Princess Mimi Chocolate brown circle lenses are beautiful molten chocolate color. The pigmentation is exceptional, the design is flattering & the enlargement is subtle. Except a huge pop though with these lenses in your eyes.  

Contrary to this, Geo Xtra Bella blue are bright blue 15 mm lenses. Though the diameter is average; they still manage to produce a huge dolly eye effect because of the design that boast a solid outer ring. Read more about these lenses in the Cowbutt Crunchies review

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