Wednesday, 5 August 2015

4 Ways of Reducing Friction in Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibers get statically charged due to friction. As a result synthetic wigs tangle easily & become rough. Please do not panic, static charge is not a fault but a natural occurrence that cannot be completely avoided. To help reduce the friction, please ensure the following.
  1. Synthetic wigs must not come in contact with synthetic clothing. If you are wearing an acrylic shirt/hoodie; avoid wearing long synthetic wigs.
  2. Store your wigs on mannequin heads or hang them on a wig hanger. Wig fibers when rubbed get frizzy.
  3. Use wig conditioner/ oil sheen spray on the areas where fibers are prone to friction. For instance; underneath the back and over the neck.
  4. Allow your synthetic wigs dry naturally i.e. Air dry. Do not wring or hang your wigs when wet. Use a wig conditioner prior to brushing it to reduce friction.

Natural head movements allow fiber friction because it lets fibers of a wig rub together or rub against other material worn. This cannot be completely avoided. The environment in which a wig is used, stored & styled affects the condition of a wig. Tangles are more common in long wigs as the fibers are vulnerable to rough friction. In order to prevent your wigs from friction, keep your wigs soft using this DIY synthetic wig detangler.

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