Saturday, 15 August 2015

5 Things to Remember when Wearing UV Glow Contact Lenses

UV glow contact lenses are perfect to create an over the boundary spooky magic. These contact lenses enjoy an edge over regular crazy contacts. Many of the music idols, celebrities & internet icons have endorsed UV glow contact lenses. They play with your brain chords, create an eerie sensation & let you speak with your eyes. Before purchasing UV glow lenses, remember the following points:
  1. UV glow crazy lenses are not frequently available in prescription. They are intended to create fun looks only. If you have vision problems, better stick to crazy contact lenses in prescription.
  2. UV glow contacts are perfectly safe for your eyes, provided the dye used is CE approved. Check if the brand you are eyeing at, stands up to the health standards and meet all the parameters set by international health & drug regulatory bodies.
  3. Not all UV glow lenses are capable of glowing at their own. They need UV activation lights such as those in the clubs. In the dark, UV glow contact lenses emit glowing streaks that make you look spooky for a mind-boggling appearance.
  4. Just like regular contacts, UV glow contact lenses can be drying to eyes when over worn. Don’t wear them for more than 6 hours. Though these lenses work fine just as regular contacts, it is suggested to wear them only when you want to achieve the theatrical effects. This will help you get the best of the glowing contacts.
  5. Avoid consuming high dosage of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates body and leaves your eyes dry. Drink plenty of water instead to keep your eyes and contacts moist.

UV glow contact lenses are available for fun-seekers & night howlers. Compliment UV glow contact lenses with glowing accessories and makeup to grab all the attention you are worthy of.

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