Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why should you Avoid Regular Gel when Styling Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs and human hair wigs bear totally different structure. This is therefore evident that products that are formulated for human hair might leave your synthetic wigs damaged. Synthetic hair wigs last you long when they are washed, conditioned and styled using the products that are compatible with. A regular hair gel is suspected to weigh your synthetic wig down because it leaves product residue.

Furthermore, synthetic wig incorporates plastic filament that is heavier than the human hair fiber. Regular gel might not be able to hold the synthetic fibers. To create spikes out of synthetic wigs, use fiber gel spray or wig adhesive to bond the fibers. Synthetic wigs when are styled using regular styling products will turn sticky and itchy. Instead of bonding the fibers, regular hair sprays & mousses leave product build-up that makes brushing and washing a tedious job.

Synthetic wig gel spray such as Paula Young wig spray is a light weight, water-soluble, aerosol free hair spray that gives your synthetic wig a beautiful hold and style. Since it is water soluble it does not leave gunk and gets washed off easily with water.

Synthetic wigs need minimum care but this does not mean you can handle your wigs brutally. They are prone to get tangled, fade color & get brittle if are not taken proper care of. Always follow the instructions that come with your wig’s packaging & stick to synthetic wigs styling products only!

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