Tuesday, 11 August 2015

6 Benefits of Wearing a Wig Cap

Though wearing a wig cap is typically a personal choice; beauty experts recommend wearing it underneath a wig because of the innumerable benefits a wig cap has to offer. If you are here looking for the reasons to get yourself a wig cap, continue reading below:
  1. Wig cap ensures your hair is held back securely. Whether you have long hair or short, a wig cap keeps your hair properly pinned up to ensure a flat & firm base for your wig.
  2. Wig cap is good enough to prevent your scalp oil reaching the wig. You cannot wash a wig every time you wear it, therefore you should be concerned about the sanitary of your wigs
  3. Wig cap limits slipping of a wig. It helps wigs to look more natural.
  4. Wig cap limits friction. It prevents damage in your natural hair and thinning of front hair line. If your wig slides up or slips, it is most probably damaging your hair by frequent rubbing
  5. Wig cap allows air-flow that enables your own hair to breath. This prevents greasy & dirty scalp that in turns keep your wigs clean
  6. Wig cap makes hair styling easy. Pin-curl your hair underneath a wig cap. This ensures lump-free base for a wig to grip on
How do you like to wear your wigs? Do you find it comfortable to wear a wig cap underneath?

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