Tuesday, 11 August 2015

5 “Say NOs” of an Avid Contact Lens Wearer: Combating Risk of Infections

Though CLIDs (Contact Lens Induced Diseases) are rare, people who wear contact lenses are prone to corneal infections than those who do not. Infections with contact lenses are not inevitable, if proper care is taken off. To avoid corneal diseases, practice good hygiene & do not compromise on the quality of contact lenses you purchase.

Say No to ‘Substandard Contact Lenses’
As per the consensus of global marketers, manufacturers and by health regulatory enforcements; price range for FDA contact lenses should be USD 19 to 23 USD. Anything, lower than this; is probably substandard or counterfeit. Such fake contact lenses can deter the vision or threat corneas.

Say No to ‘Water'
When wearing contact lenses, be very careful with water. Minimize your contact with water as it contains a micro organism that is undoubtedly fatal. Remove your contact lenses when you wash your face, bathe or surf at beach.

Say No to ‘Home Made Solutions’
Use only pharmacy made solutions to disinfect your contact lenses. The commercially prepared solutions contain enough preservatives to keep the efficacy of the disinfectant intact. Homemade saline solutions should never be resorted to, unless it is an extreme emergency.

Say No to ‘Doze Off’
Sleeping with contact lenses has never been a good idea. Remove your contact lenses when you are off to bed. Contact lenses partially block oxygen permeation. Oxygen penetration is further compromised when you sleep. As per the latest study, even the extended wear contact lenses (that are actually meant to stay in eyes for long) are not safe enough to be left in eyes throughout the night.

Say No to ‘Ignore the Expiry’
Always have an eagle eye over the replacement directions. Do not wear expired contact lenses. Contact lenses may appear all the way same even after the expiry has reached. This however does not mean they are still safe to be worn.

Contact lenses have been helping people around, improving the vision and modifying the style statement. They should not budge you even a bit if they are supplied to you by an authentic seller. If upon wearing contact lenses, you notice even the slightest of the inflammation, itching, redness of sensitivity to light, immediately remove them and seek professional help if necessary.

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