Thursday, 5 March 2015

3 Beauty Essentials that Need Immediate Cleansing & Replacement

Jennifer: @ijennyan

Even if you are the quirkiest of the person about cleanliness & hygiene you are forgetting to clean 3 of your beauty essentials that you pretty much use every day. Germs are everywhere; they cling to the objects and then continue to grow. Beauty essentials need thorough cleanse-up every once in a while. Otherwise be ready for fungal infections, skin damage & ocular diseases.

A wig cap is essential to use if you have lots of hair. Wig cap keeps your natural hair secure & prevents your wig from getting soiled or greasy. A sturdy nylon wig cap can be easily hand washed and air dried Wig. Nylon wig caps are usually inexpensive than cotton wig caps and can be used as long as they hold the shape. Forgetting to wash your wig cap facilitates bacterial contamination which might turn your scalp itchy & scaly.

Okay, you clean your contact lenses after each wear but now contact lens cases too? Yes, contact lens cases are the actual breeding beds of germs. Contact lens cases if are not cleansed and disinfected thoroughly they develop slimy bio-film that is dangerous for contact lenses. It is advised to replace contact lens cases every 3 months. How many times have you actually taken the pain of contact lens cases? Do not lie!

If you want to continue using your false eye lashes for up to 20 wears; wash them effectively. False eye lashes often deposit crumpled residuals of dried mascara, eye liner & the eye lash glue. If they are not washed, false eye lashes may induce infections especially if you wear contact lenses. The hard and dirty eye lash band is also often responsible to scratch the tear duct. It triggers irritation, redness & abrasions. Always wash your false eye lashes by soaking them in a bowl containing solution of water with liquid makeup remover.

Keeping your beauty essentials is the first step to beauty & hygiene. There is no point in making efforts to enhance your beauty if your butt is poop-y!

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