Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sweet Charismatic Looks: Kawayii Super Moe Moe Green & Bright Red Wig

The huge 20mm Kawayii Super Moe Moe green are super alluring circle lenses. Against bright eyes they seem to reflect light beautifully. These 3 tone green circle lenses when worn against light colored eyes create a very whimsical unworldly effect. 

Kawayii Super Moe Moe green lenses are vibrant and might look more prominent against dark colored eyes. Luckily, on light eyes they have a beautiful blending-effect that keep your eyes look dolly & sweet. The yellow tint tends to create a soft yet magical impression that helps transforming you into a fairy like creature. 

These green circle lenses produce a very vivid contrast when worn with bright red Sharon wig. The wig is 100 cm long that features a high pony tail at the back. 

"It comes in two pieces - a base wig and a ponytail. The base wig's front parts are longer while it's short on back. Oh, also the bangs come unstyled, so you will have to cut it according to your face shape, which is nice! The color is as vibrant as it is on the photo, so it might be obvious that it is a wig when you wear it outside. That's why I would say it is perfect to use for cosplay purposes but not fashion purposes." - Excerpt from Anzu's review

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