Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How do Circle Lenses Make Eyes Look Bigger?

Circle lenses have been famous in Asia for past few decades. Since Asians have naturally small eyes; they are always busy taking all measurements to create big, dolly eye and doe-eye effects. Circle contact lenses due to the enlarged size of the diameter help creating an illusion of bigger iris. Other than faking the iris, circle contacts have a lot more to offer in order to beautify one’s personality.

What Circle Lenses can do?

Circle Lenses can:
  1. Add beautiful pop to your eyes
  2. Make your eyes dazzle & sparkle depending upon the intensity of pigmentation & opacity
  3. Create an illusion of bigger, bolder & beautiful eyes

Circle lenses come in various sizes from 14.00 mm to 16.00 mm & to 22 mm sclera lenses. The former are considered natural looking circle lenses whereas the later are traditionally knows as dolly eye or big eye circle lenses. Sclera lenses are full eye lenses that are only designed to meet theatrical needs and professional cosplay requirements.

With circle lenses it has now become possible to create age-defying youthful looks. This all has become possible due to the presence of over-emphasized limbal rings in the circle lenses. Limbal rings fade as you grow older; this is why they are most dominant in the infants- presence of which signifies youth & innocence.

Circle contacts definitely make your eyes look bigger. So next time you wonder if the fact is true, give a BAM and remind yourself; “Yes, they are engineered this way to help you achieve bright, healthy & enlarged eyes”. 

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