Monday, 16 March 2015

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses with a Sty?

Sty is usually a harmless swollen, pus-filled bump over tear duct or lash line that is caused by bacterial contamination. It goes away by itself within a week or two. If it does not completely vanish; it starts showing the signs of improvements in first 48 hours. Since styes are caused by infections you need to be very concerned about preventing the recurrence or outbreak if you wear contact lenses. Be very meticulous and take all measures to maintain good hygiene for eye health.

Precautionary Measures: Styes & Contact Lenses

Dirty Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, always ensure to regularly disinfect them. Dirty contact lenses can also be the reason of styes’ growth. Remember; the root cause is bacteria & chances are that that bacterium is clinging to the surface of your circle lenses that could undoubtedly facilitate the transmission of bacteria to your eyes.

Dirty Hands

Always wash your hands properly before touching your contact lenses. When you have styes, you unconsciously touch your eyes. The finger pads pick up the bacteria from the styes and transmit it to circle lenses when you touch them. Therefore, always wash your hands, dry them with a lint free towel & then handle your contact lenses

Toss off Contact Lenses & Makeup

It is advised to avoid circle lenses during styes over eye lids. Styes drain the puss that can contaminate the contact lenses. Toss of the circle lenses & replace them with the new. Also, avoid using the same eye makeup accessories you used during the time of infection once it has healed completely.

According to Dr. Andrew Dahl, having an experience of 49 years in Ophthalmology; it is safe to start wearing circle lenses again after 2-3 days of styes’ healing. Do not share your towels and contact lenses to stop the recurrence & the wide- spread of the infection.

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