Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How wearing Expired Circle Lenses can Damage your Eyes: Parasite Devours Young Girl’s Eyes for Using Disposable Circle Contacts for 6 Months

How wearing Expired Circle Lenses can Damage your Eyes

Circle contact lenses should not be worn after their expiry even though they feel still the same. Circle contact lenses are medical devices and should be considered the same. Expired circle contact lenses become dangerous because of the protein & lipids accumulation. The bacteria growth on the contact lenses then may transfer to your eyes causing potential damages to the epithelial tissues.  The very same irrevocable damaged were caused by expired circle contact lenses to a young girl from Taiwan; leading to permanent blindness.

It has been reported that a college girl from Taiwan, was found to criminally neglect hygiene with circle contact lenses. She kept wearing disposable circle lenses that were meant for only a month use for half a year, even while sleeping. Continuing to wearing expired circle contact lenses enabled the parasite to devour her both of the corneas without even letting her know.

How wearing Expired Circle Lenses can Damage your Eyes

After being hospitalized, she was found to be suffering from Acanthamoeba Keratitis. Her corneas have had shrunk to half of the size since the parasite “protozon” had almost been done with its damage. Over-wearing circle contact lenses has always been a bad idea; as bad as it is to share your circle contact lenses with someone else.

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Director of Ophthalmology Wu Jian Liang indicated that the girl had been allegedly using dirty water to wash her face. He thus warned people that either the soft contact lenses or hard contact lenses, they should not come in contact with water in any form as it increases the chances of contamination.

Wu said that the girl had failed to maintain proper hygiene of her circle contact lenses. She used expired circle contact lenses & made conditions gross by not taking them out even before sleeping. This also had restricted her to disinfect her circle lenses which lead to this irrevocable damage.

Stick to proper maintenance of circle contact lenses before it is too late. You have already been warned.

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