Saturday, 14 March 2015

Choosing Contact Lenses Correctly for Vision Problems

Contact lenses enjoy a paramount importance when it is about correcting the vision problems. Gone are the days when contact lenses would make patients feel hesitant about giving them a try. Experts opine that contact lenses are far way a better option the spectacles as they ensure excellent peripheral vision that glasses do not. Since circle lenses and all other variants are certified medical devices they need greater concern & attention whilst handling them. Though circle contact lenses also come with both pros & cons; one needs to be vigilant enough for a wiser selection.

Meeting your Optometrist

Before choosing circle lenses, it is crucial to first get an appointment from your eye doctor. Only an eye expert is capable of checking visual acuity & degree of dryness. After determining your eyes an eye doctor would suggest what kind of circle lenses would better fit you. People with vision impairment are now open to many opportunities. With the modern technology & innovation contact lens industry has made several advancements & now almost every one with any of the ocular complication can sport contact lenses.

  • Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

People who have to bear dry eye syndrome can take support of contact lenses with high water count. Contact lenses from 48% to 55% of the water content keep your eyes hydrated & moist. Using quality eye drops might help.

  • Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes

Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses are perfect match for sensitive eyes. The brand takes pride in coping up these lenses with UV interception. Its bio-compatible material ensures safety; whereas high oxygen content make sure that they allow smooth tear production whilst keeping your eyes moist & supple. They are perfect for people who suffer from eye sores upon wearing lenses or notice irritation, teary or painful eyes upon wearing regular contacts.

  • Contact Lenses for Kids

Since Kids are new to contact lenses and are mentally less mature; it is advised to let them start their journey with tri monthly disposable circle lenses until they are wise enough to take care of yearly disposable circle lenses. Since contact lenses are subjected to bacteria accumulation, it is better that kids toss their lenses every 3 months for better hygiene and for reduced risks of infections.

Contact Lenses are making lives better. Even if contact lenses were a disappointment previously in past, you can keep giving them a try between different brands. Contact lenses offer various services from being unaffected by weather conditions to staying trouble-free during aggressive activities like sports & exercises. They are great means of accessorizing oneself whilst boosting up the confidence for those with vision problems. 

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