Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cute & Soft Dolly Looks with Kawayii Super Big Eyes A-Max Grey & Max Pink

Kawayii Super Big Eyes Max A grey lenses

These 20mm circle lenses create huge dolly eyes. The enlargement effect produced by Kawayii Super Big Eyes A-Max pink & Grey is spectacular. The pattern & color opacity is similar to Angel series, however the 20mm diameter is something literally unique that set them apart from other big eye lenses.

Kawayii Super Big A-Max grey are soft grey lenses that are capable enough of blending naturally. They make your eyes bigger, fancier & dollier. These grey circle lenses boast a super solid outer black ring that adds up to the innocence of one's personality. These are more than perfect for Ulzaangs makeover & Gyaru getups. 

Kawayii Super Big Eyes A Max pink lenses

On the other hand Kawayii Super Big Eyes A Max pink circle lenses are light pink lenses. They also provide a natural fusion of colors when worn. The color is nothing too vivid to cast fake glaring looks. They make eyes appear kind of unworldly, as you just have got a pair of eyes from the heaven above. 

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