Monday, 30 March 2015

Eyeliner too Close to the Lash line may Contaminate Contact Lenses

Contact lenses and eye makeup go hand in hand. Without wearing proper eye makeup contact lenses fail to create a harmonized effect especially if they are colored & dramatically patterned. However, one needs to be very careful about applying makeup when wearing contact lenses. A recent study suggested that eyeliner when worn too close to the lash line contaminates contact lenses & induces infections.

Bacterial Transmission to Contact Lenses

Since makeup accessories such as mascara and eyeliner may become seeded with bacteria, be very careful about replacing these wands. These wands when touch lash line and tear ducts deposit and transmit the bacteria to the eyes which then travel further to get into the tear film. The tear film once contaminated directly facilitates bacteria transmission to the contact lenses that are floating over the iris.

According to the study made, it was observed that eyeliner when applied inside of the lash line brought more results of bacterial contamination than the eye liner applied on the outside of the lash line. It has been suggested that when eye liner is applied over the tear duct or inside the lash line the glands get blocked which creates an annoying or itching sensation. The makeup pigments & waxes may bind to contact lenses that may cause problems for people with sensitive eyes and dry eyes syndrome. Dry eyes have fewer tears to dilute the makeup particles this is why a burning or itching sensation is felt whenever an external agent gets into the eyes.

Always apply eye liner over the eye lid to reduce the risk of complications, said Alison Ng a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo in Canada who led the study. When wearing contact lenses, apart from applying eye liner carefully, using Stella collagen eye lash glue that acts as a protein supplement is also recommended by our contact lens experts.

Ref: Fox News

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