Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Teen Agers, Technology & Contact Lenses

Some people are reluctant to introduce teenagers to contact lenses. This fear is fortunately meaningless, as contact lenses have manybenefits over glasses. According to eye doctors, there is no exact age at which it is safe enough to introduce a child to ditch glasses for circle lenses. More than calendar age, what matters most is mental maturity. As per the consensus among doctors around the world, the right age for a child to wear contact lenses is 13 years. Thus, it is safe enough to assume that as soon as your child steps into teen-age, he can start experimenting with these medical devices.

Teen Agers & How Exposure to Technology Hinders with Contact Lenses

Teenagers these days are exposed to latest technologies including cell phones, laptops, and other high tech devices that emit radiation. Furthermore, exposure to emission of dust & gases in the open environment make teenagers vulnerable. Though teenagers cannot be restricted fully to use the technology, priorities can be set to guard the health of their eyes. For instance; playing games for no more than 2 hours, that too under parent super vision.

The fore mentioned risk-factors should not pose risks or harmful threats unless your teenager is meticulous enough about the health, hygiene & cleanliness. Since playing games and over exposure of LCDs/LEDs is harmful to eyes, children under 18 years of age should not be allowed to use these devices excessively. Contact lenses with high water content have several advantages over those with the low content. Since this type of lenses keeps your eyes moist because of the way they float over surface, it is advised to wear such lenses if your teenager spends most of the time working on computers.

Contact lenses might put strain on eyes when working on computers. This is why teenagers should be watched upon. Teach them about how they can keep themselves safe from mishaps & what are the risk factors involved. Wearing glasses over long time span leave ugly marks at the nose-bridge and temples. Glasses push your eyes in sockets & may even cause dark-circles due to the strain they put. Contact lenses, however; are relatively a safer option. Meet your eye doctor & get your teenager prescription contact lenses today!

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