Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sweet Cat Eye-d Lady: Lolita Wig BB & Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime Violet

The big cat eye look is now possible with Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime violet lenses. They are translucent violet so they fuse and blend naturally with your eye color. They only tend to darken up your eye color by enhancing it sweetly. Dolly Eye Furfur violet pearl prime lenses doll you up when worn with Lolita wig BB. Since the wig flaunts violet under-lights combined with platinum blonde; you are bound to look totally adorable. 

Dolly Eye Furfur violet circle lenses are average sized. They can be used to define ulzaang style with a twist. From a far the violet tone is not noticeable, the only difference you observe is how bold, darker & dollier your eyes look. Lolita wig BB on the other hand is also something between natural & dramatic. The wig flaunts two beautiful tones & is stylishly straight. The violet is more of a lilac shade that looks sweet enough to ensure jaw-dropping beauty.

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