Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Vibrant & Flashy Pink Lenses & Wig

Dare to wear cosplay looks out of any convention? Do you have flair to pull of pink with confidence and charisma? Wear Dolly Eye Twilight pink circle lenses & Gabriel pink wig to make an edgy style statement. 

Dolly Eye Twilight pink circle lenses are very vibrant, strongly opaque & flashy. They turn your eyes dolly, more like those of anime characters. The design follows an aggressive approach as the black outer ring and spiky pattern is striking & bold. On the other hand, pink Gabriel wig from No Game No Life is yet another name of punk & class. The beautiful flamingo pink really goes in harmony with Dolly Eye Twilight pink circle lenses. Wig is super soft, free from plastic shine & perfect for cosplay performances. The wig is 100 cm long, sleek & straight so watch out when you hop in fun wearing this wig on ;)

Head over heels- Visit Mandykodama's blog for fun pictures of her where she features both the Gabriel pink wig & Dolly Eye Twilight pink circle lenses

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