Saturday, 21 March 2015

Contact Lens Wearers at Risk of Infections due to Unhygienic Practices

A recent warning released by eye experts reminds contact lens users to stay vigilant about proper care of contact lenses. Doctors reveal that there have been an increased number of patients in past months that are affected by infections occurred by improper use of contact lenses.

Infections Contact Lens Wearers are at Risk Of:

Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Acanthamoeba Keratitis is a microorganism carried by water. When users wearing contact lenses carelessly use water whilst wearing lenses; they get affected by the infection. This microorganism is corneal devouring bacteria & in gross cases it may lead to complete visual impairment. Eye experts advise to completely avoid water-related activities before handling contact lenses. Do not wash face, do not visit beach & do not take baths when wearing circle lenses.


It is the inflammation of conjunctiva- the white layer of the eye. Contact lens wearers spread conjunctivitis when they share, swap or exchange contact lenses among fellow wearers. It is diagnosed by teary eyes, pink eyes, itching, irritation & discharge. When contact lenses are contaminated with bacteria, they should be immediately thrown away and or replaced. Avoid wearing circle lenses when suffering from infection to prevent spreading the disease.

Doctors opine that patients should keep an eye over how their eyes are working with contact lenses. In case of any unusual symptoms such as inflammation or excessive discharge from eyes; rush to your eye doctor than creating panic. To stay on the safe side, never top off contact lens solution but always toss it off and refill the chambers after each wear.

Contact lenses need meticulous care as they are prosthetic medical devices. Provided what you get for your eyes are FDA approved lenses there are rarely any chances for you to get affected by contagious ocular diseases. 

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