Monday, 30 March 2015

Bambi Grey Circle Lenses: 2 Brands Boasting the Same Design

Bambi grey circle lenses redefine class, beauty & elegance. These breathtaking grey circle lenses make your eyes look adorable whereas the dazzling 3 tones vow to bewitch both friends and foes alike. Bambi grey circle lenses are known for the drama they create. They are attributed to the enlargement effect, dolly looks & vibrancy they ensure when worn against dark brown eyes.

Since grey is the color that contributes every eye color existing in human race, Bambi grey circle lenses can be a fearless choice. These grey circle lenses add a whimsical pop to your eyes whilst adding newer dimensions & meanings. The super vivid pigments incorporated in Bambi grey circle lenses help you be the show-stopper.

Kimchi & Barbie: The Difference in Prices

Bambi grey circle lenses are branded by Kimchi & Barbie. The pattern & the vividness remain the same where as the size of the diameter varies. Kimchi Barbie grey (Vassen) are 16mm priced at $22.90 whereas the other counter-part, branded by Dueba is Barbie Bambi grey with sexiest enlargement effect of 16.2 mm. Barbie Bambi grey circle lenses are available for $16.90 only; so is a way cheaper alternative than the Kimchi Bambi grey.

Bambi grey circle lenses are recommended for party, funky, Gyaru & cosplay looks. They are very attention grabbing, vibrant & mind-blowing grey circle lenses ever. Wear them only if you want to stay a couple of hours in the limelight.

Are you ready for a spectacular change? Try Bambi grey circle lenses with Doll Makeup & start looking exceptional!

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