Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Rapunzel Cosplay with Dolly Eye Blytheye Green Circle Lenses

These green circle lenses are known for the intensity of the true green color. Dolly Eye Blytheye green circle lenses are mesmerizing, vibrant & sparkling. They contribute hugely to amplify your eyes. Since the color is very opaque they turn your eyes green instantly. Dolly Eye Blytheye green are perfect in order to achieve gazillions of appreciation. 

These green circle lenses are spell-bounding. They create drama when fashioned for Rapunzel's cosplay. They do not only make you look enticing but also create a charismatic personality. Either wear them against light colored eyes or dark eyes, these circle lenses will always make your eyes sparkle. 

More Rapunzel's Cosplay photos are available in Dolly Eye Blytheye green lenses

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