Friday, 13 March 2015

Natural Looking Honey Gold Circle Lenses: I.Fairy Cherry Gold

It is often presumed that gold circle lenses are always striking, bold & luminous. Though this might be the requirement of cosplays, people who would love to wear subtle gold in eyes would resist gold circle lenses for these attributes. I.Fairy Cherry gold circle lenses have surprisingly everything to offer to meet the demands of shy people. Since these circle lenses are light gold with comparatively bigger pupil hole to help the lenses fade and blend in with your natural eye color, these are considered natural looking circle lenses. These soft gold circle lenses simply add a pop to your eyes without making them look weird or unnaturally fake. 

I.Fairy Cherry gold lenses are very flattering, the design keeps itself entwined more to the limbal ring that itself is very attention grabbing. They are dang comfortable as opined by a reviewer . With 55% water content and 16.2mm diameter I.Fairy Cherry gold circle lenses stand up to the expectations made.

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