Thursday, 5 March 2015

Are Contact Lenses a Right Choice for your Kid?

It has been observed that kids are taunted & mocked at school for wearing glasses. This does not only hurt their self-esteem but also push the confidence down. Humiliation becomes a common practice & kids are often labeled as “four-eyed, Poindexter, Nerd” etc. Though ditching glasses for contact lenses is better in many perspectives; certain important points should be taken into consideration before introducing your kid to circle contact lenses.

Problems that Kids Face whilst Wearing Glasses/Specs


  1. It is difficult for a kid to take care of glasses. They keep breaking frames, losing them or simply keep having an annoying uncomfortable feel. Specs can be dangerous if the kid while playing falls off & break the lenses. The particles of glasses might injure & get into eyes accidentally.
  2. Glasses sit on the bridge of the nose whereas contact lenses float directly over the surface. This is why circle lenses offer better vision correction than the specs. Furthermore, circle lenses allow crisp peripheral vision which definitely is not possible with glasses.
  3. Glasses get hazy and cloudy as the weather shifts from dry to cold, foggy or rainy. This makes young kids vulnerable to accidents and unfortunate happenings especially whilst crossing the roads & when travelling. Circle lenses on the other hand do not get affected by the meteorological changes only unless the weather becomes gross suddenly.

At What Age should a Kid be introduced to Circle Lenses?

There is a vague opinion on this among eye doctors. Some think that tweens (children under 10-12) can be fearlessly introduced to circle lenses whereas some opine that it is safe for kids to wear circle lenses once they enter the teen age.

Other than the age there are other factors parents must consider before taking circle lenses plunge for their child. Mental maturity, hygiene practices & child’s own motivation & urge for circle lenses matter the most.

Replacing glasses with circle lenses help boost the confidence of your child. It does not only feed the urge of looking beautiful but also add loads of convenience to the life of your kid. He would love the change as he does not need to fidget with his nerdy glasses every time he bends down or jump for a ball throw!

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