Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kylie Jenner reveals her Love for Green Contact Lenses

“Hehe my sneak peak vid of my contact look they put on me got bigger than I intended. They let me keep the contacts 😍 I'm obsessed. Also wanted to let u guys know I've been working on something new for the summer so I can start to connect with u guys more again. So excited x”- posted, 17 years old reality TV star on her Instagram.

Kylie Jenner, half-sister to Kim & Khloe loves to go off the track as she considers herself the “Trendsetter”. She seems to take pride in how her style & the way she accessorizes herself inspire millions of the other girls in their journey of being beautiful & glamorous. Kylie features her new amber green contact lenses in the latest photo she put up at her IG. In a recent interview she revealed that how she loves Khloe’s amber green eye color that made her wonder that how would she look with the same color. Kylie’s look hot in her stunning brown eyes but she rocks off the green contacts that look like the part of her upcoming project.

Courtesy of inquisitr.com

Kylie has her own unique fashion statement that is a complete demonstration of seduction. She adopts aggressive styles & is never hesitant to keep re-branding her personality.  Earlier, she dyed her hair aqua marine that received a big roar from the teens. Kylie is also accused of getting her lips plumped up through cosmetic surgery which she has officially denied to. Kylie inspires younger generation to wear drawn-on lips that ensure a sweet and hot pout to turn dozens of head for her.

Kylie is undoubtedly a great fashion icon & inspiration for the younger generation. How are you going to copy her? Would you get yourself green contact lenses, a blue wig or would simply focus at enhancing your pucker?


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