Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wearing Chinese Lenses & that too, overly? See What Happened when a Woman over wears her Cheap Lenses

Circle lenses and contact lenses are prescribed to be worn between 4-6 hours at maximum. Wearing them for more than 6 hours is considered as exploiting your eyes and circle lenses. Over-wearing circle lenses either by wearing them for an extended period of time or by continuing to wear them after the expiry date has passed make patients vulnerable to ocular infections & threats of vision loss. A Chinese woman developed 10 tiny “eye stones” after she continues to wear her daily disposables for a month. Failing to replace contact lenses is itself a crime made against health that makes you pay the hefty price later on.

According to the news report, a Zhijiang’s woman under-went painful process of needle-scraping as she had unknowingly invited bacteria accumulation & protein deposits by wearing the same pair of disposable circle lenses for over a month.

  1. Doctors opine that patients need to be vigilant about the expiry date of circle lenses. Daily disposable circle lenses should always be replaced daily. Similarly monthly disposable circle lenses are either meant for a month’s use or in some cases for 3 months. Always check the label & instructions on the vials to safe-guard your vision. Conventionally, circle lenses are priced under $19 to $26. Do not risk your eyes by compromising at the price & toss off your expired contact lenses for a new and timely replacement.
  2. Over-wearing circle lenses also run the risk of developing neo-vascularisation that encourages the growth of blood-vessels. If they erupt, eye sore becomes permanent to haunt you forever. Last year a case of young Taiwanese student was registered who also failed to replace her contacts & got her corneas shrunk to half of the size due to the malicious activity of Protozon bacteria.
Circle lenses are nothing to feel afraid of. They simply are prosthetic medical devices that need to be handled carefully. If you are sensible enough to make the rest of the decisions of life by yourself; you must try to learn good hygiene habits to carefully use your circle lenses.

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