Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 Safety Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers are vulnerable to contagious ocular diseases if proper care is not taken off. Fortunately, only very rarely contact lens related injuries are registered every year in hospitals. Since contact lenses are approved medical devices, handling them with care is mandatory. Being meticulous about diligent cleanliness & disinfection is what keep your contact lenses safe from bacteria accumulation.

Follow these 5 Safety Tips to Guard your Eyes against Infections

  1. Okay, this is no brainier. washing your hands by an oil-free soap is crucial. Rub and cleanse your finger pads, dry them with a lint-free cloth before even thinking to touch your contacts.
  2. Circle contacts should never be shared, swapped, or resold after use. Even the lens that you first inserted in your right eye should not go into left. As under-wears & tooth brushes are meant for personal use; circle lenses should also be confined to one’s self only.
  3. People prone to allergies should learn effective management of contact lenses with the changing weather. Pollen in spring & dry weather in winter can instigate irritation that can be reduced using eye drops. People with allergies should be very vigilant about disposing off their contact lenses right on the time as they cross the expiration date.
  4. Don’t allow your circle lenses to get in contact with water. Always put them of before going for a swim, at beach or before diving into a hot tub bath or a shower. Water contains microorganisms that cling to the surface of contact lenses & might eat your cornea if transmission happens.
  5. Replace your contact lens cases every 3 months. Yes, every 3 months. Contact lens cases are breeding beds of germs and must not be taken for granted. If you can’t somehow replace your cases sterilize them before using them further. 

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