Friday, 13 March 2015

Alluring Deep Blue Dolly Eyes: EOS Fay Blue Circle Lenses & Stella Pointed Eyelashes

Charm is when your eyes throw bewildering spells for others' fascination. EOS Fay blue circle lenses are translucent blue circle lenses that stand out when worn over brown eyes. The pattern is nothing complex, so they ensure deep gorgeous natural looking blue eyes. These circle lenses have an average size of diameter that is just 14.2mm yet the enlargement effect produced by EOS Fay blue is enticing and dolly. 

These blue lenses when accessorized with Stella pointed false eye lashes, leave unforgettable effects. They make your eyes look lavish. Stella false eye lashes 5508 are way too light. They do not droop your eye lids down or feel heavy. They are very soft and help creating a beautiful doe eye effect. 

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