Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Say NO to Substandard Circle Lenses to Prevent Visual Impairment

Circle lenses are a fun way to spice up your personality. Colored circle lenses make your eyes look dolly by adding sweet hues & unique patterns. Since everything comes with pros & cons; circle lenses are no exception. Circle lenses when bought from novelty shops & beauty salons pose threats to vision. These risks fortunately can be reduced or completely prevented by saying “NO” to over-the-counter cheap circle lenses. To ensure consumers get quality & risk-free circle lenses, FDA has taken huge steps by certifying the brands that are manufactured under state-of-art labs to meet the safety & health standards.

Risks Associated with Cheap Contact Lenses
  1. Stop hunting for the cheapest pair of circle lenses and look for the one that guarantees 100% satisfaction. Doctors express that rarely any patient is registered with CLIDs; provided what they wearing are FDA approved & branded circle lenses.
  2. Cheap contact lenses or lenses purchased from flea markets do not match health parameters. Furthermore, wearing them for prolonged period of time may bring gross results by permanently damaging the cornea. Such damages caused by substandard contact lenses are irrevocable thus you are left with one eye or with none.
  3. Since cheap circle lenses do not come with warranty, proper labeling & directions; they do not shed any light on the expiration of the product. They fade dyes, cause irritation, itching & serve as a medium for bacteria transmission.

How to Buy FDA Circle Lenses with Pocket-Friendly Price Tag?

  1. Buying FDA approved circle lenses online is a way cheaper option than buying from optometrist. At Uniqso, we ensure that you get FDA approved lenses for which we make the certifications of all the brands available for the consumers.
  2. We have fair refund & return policy. Should you notice any defect in your ordered product, please contact us without hesitation to get replacement.
  3. We take all measures to lower the risks associated with circle lenses by auto-ensuring each and every package. 
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