Saturday, 2 May 2015

3 Reasons for Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact lenses have been a boon for people with vision problems. Unfortunately some people would find contact lenses painful and irritating. Contact lenses themselves should not be a problem if they have been purchased from certified sellers and are FDA approved. Sometimes certain environmental conditions and lifestyle are the reasons behind contact lens discomfort. Read below to trace the reason behind your uncomfortable contact lenses

If you notice symptoms like:
  1. Itchy and irritating eyes
  2. Discharge
  3. Redness
  4. Blurred/hazy vision
  5. Eye strain
  6. Intolerance to contact lenses
  7. Dry eyes
Worry Not; since these symptoms can be treated and reduced by bringing few changes in your living style. These could happen because of:

Excessive Tear Evaporation

The over-excessive usage of smartphones/computers and high exposure to LCDs can cause rapid tear evaporation. Due to evaporation of tear film, eyes become dry and reduce tolerance to contact lenses. Contact lenses float over cornea and tear film facilitates it. Often times; using good quality eye drops do the trick but if you have sensitive eyes; you must need to limit the usage of such modern devices.

Make-up & Contact Lenses

Women who wear makeup; if fail to cleanse and disinfect contact lenses with multi-purpose solution might notice a stinging and burning sensation. Makeup particles and pigments can irritate eyes leading to serious eye infection that increases the inability of wearing contact lenses for longer duration. If you are a makeup-holic; keep your accessories cleaned and contact lenses disinfected.

Air- Conditioners

Air-conditioned buildings turn eyes drier. This is also yet another reason of quick tear film evaporation. In summers; avoid staying too long under air-conditioned environment when wearing contact lenses.

A study suggests that improving life styles help improving the tolerance towards contact lenses. Just by keeping your eyes enough lubricated you are taking all matters under control. Tears lubricate your eyes; help preventing infections by washing external agents off of eyes and keep contact lenses moist. Try using Rohto C Cube eye drops for a noticeable difference and sparkling eyes.

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