Monday, 21 October 2013

Crazy UV Glow Phantasee Lenses

Get the ultimate attention with UV glow crazy lenses. The intense colors, eye twitching brightness and the funky glow make these UV glow crazy lenses everyone’s favorite for Halloween. With UV glow crazy lenses you get mysterious eyes that work equally aggressive during night and day times.

UV glow crazy lenses or glow in the dark lenses get into action in ultra violet lights hence making them perfect for any raving Halloween costume such as werewolf, vampire or other wild Halloween costumes. These uv glow crazy lenses are soft textured and illuminate your eyes with a surpassing magic that can't be achieved otherwise.

To be the shows topper; just try out the vibrant pair of yellow UV glow yellow lenses. They add an instant glow; which is perfect for partying at Halloween

Check out this UV glow crazy pink lenses for turning yourself into a wild creature. The color is very strong, opaque and solid which will never disappoint you. Get Thestral eyes if you are fascinated by Harry Potter’s flying reptiles with these uv glow crazy pink lenses or alternatively check out Phantasee Pink Raiden glow crazy lenses that will make your iris as big as 22mm. They can also be classified as crazy sclera lenses because they cover your full eyes.

On the other hand UV crazy red circle lenses may also make a difference this Halloween. Blow fire at night from your eyes or get into a sexy evil impersonation of a demon with these phantasee red glow circle lenses. Seduce your better half and let the night be yours!

Turn lights off, and your lights on glow! Let the party begin for the winners are those with glowing eyes. Do not miss out the fun and choose your favorite UV glow crazy lenses for Halloween before the craze around the globe books each of them and you are left empty handed!



  1. Hi, dear, just to let you know the pink sclera photo are from colorvue, not phantasee. Since even the base curve and the advertise color tone is jot the same (since phantasee ones promise a pale pink while colorvue are bright pink), could you be kind enough to show us a picture of the real phantasee ones?