Friday, 11 October 2013

Grey Circle Lenses : Kimchi Bambi Grey Circle Lenses

Kimchi Bambi grey circle lenses are three tone circle lenses with the beautiful color gradation from peachy-orange to grey and then black. Grey circle lenses tend to enlarge your eyes by adding a mystic effect to your eyes that you will definitely love. Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses has a vibrant shade of grey that looks beautiful on dark brown eyes. Kimchi Bambi has a similar design of GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses.

Read below to find out about the ratings of kimchi bambi grey circle lenses

These ratings have been provided by a loyal customer; which she has shared on her blog " These drifting thoughts"

Color & Design:
Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses are definitely those omg lenses. They are eye catching and look wonderful on dark eyes. The central golden brown part is more noticeable than those of geo sesame grey circle lenses; yet the golden brown part do not over power the grey.

Nice enlargement with 16mm diameter but it looks like the enlargement given by Geo Mimi Sesame Grey circle lenses that is of 14.5mm diameter.

Supreme comfort; suitable to wear all day long. Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses come with 55% of the water content.

For real life pictures of kimchi barbie grey circle lenses; follow the review.

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