Thursday, 12 June 2014

Why Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses and contact lenses are designed to be used within the replacement time period. Circle lenses do expire and wearing them past their expiry is a way of risking the safety of your eyes. Disposable monthly circle lenses are designed to wear from a month to three months. After a period of three months disposable circle lenses are tossed for better.

Advantages of Disposable Circle Lenses
  1. Disposable circle lenses are easy on maintenance. Children or teenagers who are getting accustomed to contact lenses can be introduced to monthly disposable circle lenses.
  2. Monthly circle lenses are convenient and offer various options. There are monthly disposable circle lenses that can be worn for extended period of time such as 12-15 hours. Some breathable monthly disposable circle lenses even allow the ease of sleeping with them in eyes.
  3. Monthly disposable circle lenses are cleaned and disinfected the similar way you clean your regular yearly circle lenses. The only difference is this that you open up a fresh pair of circle lenses either every month or every three month to reduce the risk of inflammations& several other eye injuries resulting due to the negligence towards the hygiene.
Monthly disposable circle lenses are recommended to people having sensitive eyes or to those who are too lazy to take deep care of their circle lenses. Besides following a regular cleaning session of circle lenses they do need replacement of circle lens cases every three months and even sterilization of the lens cases to get rid of the biofilm that appear at the lens cases as the time goes by. Wearing three monthly disposable circle lenses removes these concerns whilst keeping your eyes safe and happy!

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