Saturday, 27 February 2016

Treating Farsightedness with Corrective Contact Lenses

Farsightedness or hyperopia is an inability of eyes to focus on the up close objects. People with farsightedness can easily see the distant objects but find it difficult to discriminate between the objects lying close. This creates obstacles in reading, writing & several other motor tasks that lead to strain, fatigue & headaches. Fortunately, with corrective contact lenses; farsightedness can easily be treated. Though it is a rare occurrence; it is sometimes seen in children under 8 years. (Don’t confuse farsightedness with Presbyopia)

Contact Lenses for Hyperopia
Hyperopia happens when your eye ball is too shallow or short. The light rays focus the image behind the retina which is easily fixed when the image is formed on to the retina. Corrective contact lenses with a prescription preceded by a “+” sign effectively fix the issue. These corrective contacts are thicker at the center and thinner at the edges.

Contact Lenses or Glasses for Hyperopia?

Though hyperopia is also treated using spectacles, patients have reported contact lenses to be more comfortable. Since contact lenses provide wider field of view, practical benefits over glasses in sports and remain unaffected against the weather changes; contact lenses are more successful in treating farsightedness than glasses.

How much do These Lenses Cost?

Depending on your replacement schedule, cost may vary. Cost may also fluctuate as you switch from brand to brand. They may be expensive if you prefer dailies. MaxVue Hydrosoft Clear Lens corrects farsightedness whilst ensuring high oxygen permeability, low dehydration & UV protection. Available in monthly replacements; these contact lenses for hyperopia are pocket friendly with 3 pairs per box for $6.90 only.

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