Sunday, 7 February 2016

I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey: Super Adorable for Chestnut Brown Eyes

These grey lenses blend deliciously against chestnut brown eyes. I.Fairy Super Crystal grey lenses make your eyes look bigger and shinier. These lenses ensure natural enlargement as they don't posses a darker outer ring often attributed to creating amplified enlargement. They leave soft, alluring effect and make your eyes look acceptably bigger for school & casual gatherings.

"The design is really the best thing about these lenses! I do admit I was worried how they would look on me, but I really love the unique look they give, and it works perfect for both darker and sweeter looks. First time I try lenses without an outer rim, and I really love them, even with the 16.2mm size they don't look too "bug eyed". I'm sure they would be great for a lot of cosplay's too, like Maria from Vampire Knight."-- I.Fairy Super Crystal grey review

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