Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tips: Storing Cosplay Costumes’ Accessories & Components

Cosplay costumes consist of more than one piece. Other than the dress pieces costume outfits most commonly are comprised of bow knots, ties, sleeves, barrettes & other complimentary items; such as weapons, depending on the character. Costume outfit is accompanied by several other accessories from wigs to stockings & character-specified shoes. In order to prevent yourself from a messy room, it is essential to store and organize your costume & related accessories wisely.

When you are running short at time for a convention, you ought to respect the time constraints. You cannot dive into the storage containers looking for a brief costume component such as a color specific set of sleeves or hat-bells etc. Seasoned Cosplay-ers would want to prefer a dedicated storage unit for cosplay costume & components but unfortunately it is too pricey for amateurs. To build your own storage containers for cosplay outfits you can start collecting plastic drawers, sewing baskets & bags. Even ice-cream tubs excel keeping your minor accessories safely at place. These containers are also good at holding the raw products & crafts you require to DIY a costume.

Things to Avoid when Storing Cosplay Costumes

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Cosplay-ers should be very careful about climate changes. Since costume outfits are subjected to get affected by weather; one should be very careful about employing a storage unit that is climate-controlled. For instance, storage boxes made up of cardboard let vapors inside by absorbing moisture from the environment. It will leave your cosplay costumes stained, stretched & weak. What worse it may also cause mildew or mold growth.

It is ingenious to store your delicately intricate & expensive accessories in a labelled drawer as drawers are perfect to house your pricey costume accessories that you fear to lose/misplace otherwise. 

Dealing with wigs, multiple pairs of stockings, hats, costume accessories & creative supplies might not be a piece of cake at the beginning. However as you grow in person & develop a passion towards cosplay costumes you will certainly prefer turning your room into a cosplay studio for future endeavors.

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