Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lavendar White Fancy Wig & Short Brown Wig: Kirigiri Kyoko and Tokyo Ghoul Wigs

"The wig is a nice very light purple shade,and if you'll look closely to it,you'll recognize that it's in fact a mix of light lavender and white hair strands combined,resulting in the original color. I'm really happy with this shade,as it looks really similar to the original color of Kyouko's hair,making it perfect for cosplay and photoshoots. It also comes with the trademark braid,which can be undone at any point,if necessary, but I decided to keep it. Brushing it was fairly easy,though the hair is slightly thicker than other wigs that I have,but there should be no issues if you take good care maintaining it"

"This wig was originally meant for a character from Tokyo Ghoul,but while searching for a wig for Chihiro,I came across it and thought it would be good. I wasn't wrong :) The wig's color is really pretty and resembles a lot Fujisaki's oficial color,as well as the way that the hairs are styled to point upwards. Yes,the wig comes with those strands of hair standing,which saves you a lot of work on putting those together on a normal flat wig." -- an excerpt from Nyoko's blog review

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