Thursday, 25 February 2016

I Lost My Contact Lens Case: Emergency Over-Night Contact Lens Storage

You often lose your contact lens cases, it is frequently common. Bitter truth; nothing can be done to prevent the loss, hands down! You lose your contact lens cases at a picnic, or when moving to a friend’s for a sleep over. Misplacing or forgetting your cases back at home whilst you are travelling or enjoying at a holiday is drastic. You only realize you are lagging your case when it is already too late to keep the lenses in eyes. Instead of creating panic we encourage you to take a chill pill, as some of the users have come up with brilliant life-hackers!

Depending on the location, you would like to try one of the given alternatives for your lost contact lens case

1. I forgot my Contact Lens Case at Home

You are staying at your friend’s home who does not wear contact lenses, you are trapped. Forgetting your contacts case back at home may have caused you trouble otherwise, but fortunately we have some tips to save you.

In case you are in a town where you can’t go to the nearest shop in search of an ordinary contact case; we advise you to use egg cups, found in every kitchen to soak your contact lenses. However, most importantly don’t forget to wash & sterilize them. Pat them dry & use your regular multi-purpose contact lens solution to soak your contact lenses. Alternatively, you can also use measuring spoons. Be very careful about not mixing your prescriptions though.

2. I Lost Caps of My Contact Lenses

Hikers, bikers and adventurers tend to lose their contact lens cases and caps when they try to handle them during the journey. It is also impossible to get a contact lens case replacement at the heights. When you are off to the camp again, try to look for a 20 ounce bottle in your back pack. Redditor Westleyh suggests using a cap of 20 ounce drink. Though all contact lens cases are not same size, a 20 ounce cap is standard to most of them. Try fitting them over your lens case.

Or, store your lenses directly in the caps by covering them with a glass. Be very careful that your caps and glass both are free from even the tiniest of the water droplets. Covering them with glass will prevent trapping flies and dust particles during the night!

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