Thursday, 18 February 2016

50% of the World Population to be Short-Sighted by 2050: Get Prescription Contact Lenses Today for Acute Vision

Half the world population could be wearing contact lenses, spectacles or undergoing surgeries by 2050 due to being shortsightedness; as reported by a research study. The study proves that due to the changes in life style such as staying near to electronic devices, staying indoor and passing just a little time out doors are the real culprits that lead to shortsightedness. Also, avoiding treating vision impairment further leads to vision weakening. If your child complains about having headaches & dizzy vision, meet your eye care professional & grab him a pair of contact lenses for vision correction.

As per the study that was published in Journal of Ophthalmology; one fifth of the population could be at risk of blindness if the current trends continue. “The rapid increase in short-sightedness (myopia) has been attributed to "environmental factors (nature), principally lifestyle changes resulting from a combination of decreased time outdoors and increased near work activities, among other factors".

How to Prevent Your Children from being Myopic?
  1. It is crucial to have regular eye examinations. In case your child is diagnosed with vision issues; you must immediately take preventative measures. Get them vision correcting devices such as prescription contact lenses or colored lenses.
  2. Limit the interaction of your children with electronic devices such as mobile phones, LEDs and LCDs including computers, TV screen etc. The study reveals that staring at screens for a longer duration from up-close causes vision to grow weaker.
  3.  Make your child spend more time outdoors. Encourage him to participate in outdoor games than indoor activities. Ample sunlight is required in healthy growth of each body part. Besides being important for body, sunlight plays a pivotal role in development of shining & bright eyes.
Procrastinating the treatment only creates complex situations in a patient’s case history. Early diagnosis accompanied by a crisp prescription by drug intervention and contact lenses help controlling vision loss in young children & adults equally. Get your prescription from your eye doctor today & grab a pair of contact lenses as per recommendation. 

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