Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Wearing Cotton Thigh High Stockings at Office: 4 Rules to Structured Clothing for Conservative Environments

Generally speaking, women avoid thigh high stockings at work; thinking that they are overly casual. What women underestimate about thigh high tights is their ability of creating a great structured outfit that pulls up any corporate look. Unless, your work & designation requires you to be dressed in suits; thigh high stockings are an unparalleled choice when complimented accordingly. 

Some Rules to Wear Thigh High Tights at Office

1. Don’t Wear Sheer- Wear Cotton

Thigh high stockings that are sheer in nature are too sexy to fit in a conservative environment. Therefore, whilst picking thigh high socks for office, consider the dress-codes. Heavier cotton thigh high socks in neutral shades tend to be acceptable when complimented with loose & large enough staple components such as with a long top or a cardigan.

2. Cover your Body
Dress codes of every work space must be respected. Office is not a place where you take pride showing how flattering curves your body owns. Thigh high stockings keep you warm and your legs covered but this does not mean you can replace your pants with them. Even if your office has a relaxed environment, you must keep your curves covered. Wear loose garments or long skirts- be attentive about keeping your butt covered.

3. Avoid Patterned Stockings
There is a difference between casual & office stockings. Patterned and Kawai thigh-highs that are adorably adorned with lace must be avoided at office unless the weekends where most of the work stations allow their employees to feel casual. Cotton thigh highs with solid hues such as grey, black & white are considered corporate among business women.

4. Accessorize Accordingly
Thigh high stockings are very comfortable & cozy. The goodness they bring must not be confined to your couch or home where you are allowed to dress laxly. Make your thigh high leggings fit the conservative environment by accessorizing properly. Wear a single stranded pearl choker with a shift dress for a polish look.

Thigh high or knee-high socks can make or kill a look. If you lack the art of layering; you are probably going to make common sense errors. The rule of thumb lies in the integration of different clothing components with each other. When layering thigh high socks for office; give yourself a complete look in full length mirror to judge if your structured outfit looks cohesive. If something feels wrong; focus more on improving it. Remember, thigh highs accentuate your office look when paired with shift dress, shirt dress or tunics because they add great structure to your personality. 

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