Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Choosing & Maintaining the Right Thigh High Socks for a Job Interview

Thigh high socks make great every day costume. They also fit certain work environment when structured respectively. When choosing thigh socks for a job interview, your priority should be modesty even if employees are allowed to dress laxly. Follow the tips below to purchase the right type of thigh high socks for wearing at work. Remember, the key is “Dress to impress”.

Purchase Thigh High Socks with Heavy Denier
Denier is the thickness of the yarn. The lower the denier the sheerer is the coverage. Thigh high stockings are available in 10 to 100+ plus denier which enables you to choose from among the various qualities i.e. from sheer to semi-sheer, opaque and mega thick. For office, mega thick thigh high stockings are considered best alternative of leggings and or tights during winter. They provide great coverage, are modest & warm. However, during summer sheer thigh high socks that give you almost a bare-leg look, are considered chic. Contradictorily, at office such stockings will totally dump your look. Instead, shop for semi-opaque or opaque thigh high socks during summer & spring.

Prefer Cotton Blends over Nylon

Since the emphasis is on modesty, prefer cotton socks over nylon. We have already discussed the denier. The heavier the denier the thicker are the socks. Thick socks are made from a mix of cotton & spandex blends whereas sheer are made from nylon+ spandex.

Layer your Leggings with Thigh High Socks

Leggings are known for being trendy, chic & hot. In case you can’t travel around without a pair of your favorite leggings; you can layer them up with a pair of thigh high socks to adjust to the working environment. Even the opaque of the leggings let your skin visible. Teaming them up with thigh high socks and a shift dress accompanied by a blazer will do in most scenarios.

Keep your Thigh High Socks New

It is crucial to take care of your long socks. Follow the washing instructions to keep them new. You don’t want to wear loose, faded or washed-out & grin-through thigh high stockings at office. Keep them separate from your casual stockings to avoid mixing them with your formal over-the-knee socks.

Choosing the Right Shade

Avoid choosing bright colored thigh high socks for office wear. Also avoid patterns. Go for solid and neutral shades such as black, navy blue, white & grey. These colors add a mature and a polish look.

Thigh high socks are more stylish than leggings and tights. They add more texture and interest to one’s persona. They also help you building a structured outfit to compliment any environment. Furthermore wearing thigh high socks make you look more polished than bare-legs look. Choose the right type for a walk-in interview & get hired immediately!


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