Friday, 26 February 2016

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in Desert? Travel Tips to Egypt with Contact Lenses

Traveling is itself challenging. Since the weather you are traveling to may be drastically different than the country you are traveling from, it is always maniacal to manage with contact lenses. You need proper management and a prior check-list with contact lenses in order to travel safely. Wearing contact lenses in dusty locations should not be a problem just as it has never been a problem to wear contacts when travelling to sub-zero temperatures if the trip is planned acordingly

Wearing Contact Lenses in Egypt: Surviving Dust Storms
In deserts your major concern should be protecting yourself from the scorching sun rays and dust.  Covering your body is essential along with covering your eyes. If you are wearing prescription contact lenses, it is advised to switch to UV interception daily disposable contact lenses. Ensure maximum interception of UVAB rays by pairing your contact lenses with UV interception sun glasses.

When traveling to deserts; take an extra mile when it comes to safety of eyes & optimum vision. Though contact lenses with UV interception can block harmful rays with efficacy, it is advised to wear wrap-around sun-glasses for maximum benefits against windy weather of the desert.

Wrap-around Sunglasses & Contact Lenses
Remember, in desert; none of these counterparts remain counterparts but are must-have devices. The reason is the inefficiency of both these devices to battle against grit & UVAB rays. Sunglasses let significantly high amount of sun rays enter your eyes from above, below and sides. This is the time when your contact lenses come forward to block these clever rays. On the other hand, wearing wrap-around sun glasses provide maximum endurance from the grit even when you are trapped in a dust storm.

Over exposure to sunrays can cause several types of cataracts and macular degeneration. Studies have shown that maximum protection comes from the combination of sunglasses & UV interception contact lenses as contacts can protect the areas of your eyes that your sunglasses can not and vice versa. 

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