Thursday, 25 February 2016

Can I Wear Colored Contact Lenses after Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is performed to help you get freedom from vision correction devices including contact lenses and glasses. However, at times, you would want to wear contact lenses either for the sake of vision improvement or for color enhancement. Fortunately, it is completely safe to wear contact lenses even after Lasik Surgery. You only need to stay patient for nearly six months.

After Lasik, you barely need to resort to contact lenses ever; nonetheless wearing them sometimes become quintessential for optimum vision. For instance, old aged presbyopia patients or patients with higher level of refractive errors who were not fully treated with Lasik surgery. People with no refractive index errors may also safely opt for colored contact lenses, for style enrichment. However, doctors recommend to seek professional opinion before getting yourself soft contact lenses after you have been treated with laser.

Since during Lasik surgery; the shape of your cornea is altered, it may be challenging to insert contact lenses on your own. Moreover, not everyone is the right candidate of soft contact lenses due to the difference in shape and size of cornea. Only a medical practitioner can assess the health of your eyes and capability of tolerating contact lenses. Patients who cannot tolerate soft contact lenses are suggested with gas permeable contact lenses or hybrid contacts.

Lasik is absolutely a pain-free outpatient procedure that hardly takes five minutes. However, post Lasik care is crucial that includes avoiding contact lenses for at least 3-6 months depending on your recovery process. Always, depend on your doctor’s opinion than having to take risks. He will most probably signal you to re-wear contact lenses in case you do not develop any contraindications, sooner than expected. 

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